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Celebrating Life Through Better Hearing

I have over 25 years of experience working in clinics with adults who value their hearing and want to do everything they can to maintain their hearing health and their communications with family and friends, in the workplace, and in social situations. At Tucson Audiologists Inc., I personally tend to every patient and will spend as much time with you as you need. Some of my patients have been coming to me for over 20 years! I think of patients as friends or family – I know their needs, their likes, their histories, and how their hearing has aided or diminished their life experiences. I am constantly working to optimize their hearing in all of the situations they feel are important.

My interests and areas of expertise in the fields of diagnostic audiology and clinical audiology:

  • Hearing protection – my first priority is to stop hearing loss in the first place.
  • Diagnostic audiology – doctors and audiologists throughout the country refer their patients for testing.
  • Hearing aids – I provide pre-fit counseling, a step-by-step fitting procedure designed to ensure your success in adapting hearing aids to your lifestyle, and four free checkups per year.
  • Tinnitus – diagnostic evaluations identify the source, whether a by-product of hearing loss or an indicator of a medical problem in the auditory system.
  • Expert witness and expert opinion – research and reporting on noise-induced hearing loss.

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Holly; Dunn; Hosford-Dunn, Tucson AudiologistsHolly obtained her PhD in Hearing Sciences at Stanford University. She did a post-doctoral fellowship at MIT in Boston before serving as Director of Audiology at Stanford University Medical Center for six years. She has owned and managed four audiology and hearing aid dispensing practices in Tucson over the past 23 years.