Oro Valley & Tanque Verde Audiology

We’ve served the Oro Valley community since 1996, and the Eastside since 2000. Oro Valley and Tanque Verde Audiology provide a wide range of services and products related to hearing loss: diagnostic testing, digital hearing aids, assistive listening devices, hearing protection, industrial hearing testing and reporting, aural rehabilitation and treatment for balance.

One of our specialties is “open fit” hearing devices, which we have been fitting since their release in 2003. We work with you to achieve the best hearing possible based on your individual hearing loss and lifestyle. To that end we offer a variety of hearing aid brands and models to fit each patient’s needs and budget: Oticon (including the very tiny and very stylish Delta), GN Resound, Starkey, Siemens, Sonic Innovations, MicroTech, Phonak and Unitron.

We work closely with primary care physicians to provide our patients, from newborns to seniors, with the highest quality care and professionalism, and all our audiologists are Clinical Doctors in Audiology or obtaining the AuD or PhD in the field.

To learn more about our audiological services, please visit our Web site – HearInTucson.com.

Give The Gift of Hearing to Children Around The World

In June, 2017, Hear In Tucson will embark on a humanitarian mission trip to provide hearing healthcare to under-served people in Zambia, Africa. The need is great: there is only one audiologist in all of Zambia (which has a population of 36 million). By donating, you are partnering with us to help provide audiology services that will allow children to go back to school, mothers to hear their children for the first time, and families to be changed forever. Thank you for you support!

Hear In Tucson is a part of Entheos, which has served on multiple international hearing missions that have impacted over 1,000 children with the Gift of Hearing. Click here to learn more about Hear In Tucson.


Judy Huch, Oro Valley and Tanque Verde AudiologyDr. Judy Huch is the owner of both offices. Dr. Huch has been dispensing hearing aids since 1991 and graduated in 1993 from Central Missouri State University with a Master’s in Audiology. She completed her Clinical Doctorate in Audiology in 2007 at AT Still University in Mesa, AZ. Dr. Huch has been published in several trade journals and textbooks on the topic of patient satisfaction. Her practice is on the cutting edge of technology and an early adopter of the newest technology. The goal of each office is to provide excellent patient centered care with technology that matches the individual.  She is also starting a non-profit division to provide this model of excellent hearing healthcare to all in the summer of 2016.